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Romans Chapter 11 vs 1 to 15 : '7 Features of an Irrepressible Christian' - JS Gillespie  

We have an insight into the heart of an irrepressible Christian. 

Everything is thrown at the apostle Paul: 

Tortured by men  (2 Co11:23ff) 
Troubled by deep emotions  (Rom 9:1ff) 
Taunted by skeptics (Rom 11:1ff) 
Tested by the Devil  (Eph 6:10ff; 1 Thess 2:18) 


Physical battles (2 Co11:23ff) 
Emotional battles (Rom 9:1ff) 
Psychological battles (Rom 11:1ff) – you're all alone 
Spiritual battles (Eph 6:10ff; 1 Thess 2:18) 


Yet true salvation is secure salvation 


The genuine believer is finally triumphant…

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Finding God's Grace Greater than our Grief: The Pictures of Grace to a Child (Roms 5:12; 2 Sam 12:20-25; 1Kings 17:18ff; 2Kings 4; Mk5) - J Stewart Gillespie  

What happens when a child dies? 

Where does a dead child go? 

Is a child who dies saved or lost? 

Is there any hope for such a child who dies before an age of understanding?

Do all dead children go to heaven? 

These and other questions pertaining to the death of a child we wish to answer from what the Bible says and from what the Lord Jesus taught, in this bible study and in the messages from Romans chapter 5 where we address this topic in detail.

With respect to the salvation of a child and God's provision…

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Romans Chp 4 Vs 1 to 8: Justification by Faith is A Full Salvation - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

Righteousness is Credited (4:1-5) 

Sin is Cleansed (4:6-8) 


2 Errors of Mark 10:17-31: 

Salvation is Deserved: “what shall I do that I may inherit...” (10:17); “all these have I observed” (10:20) 

Salvation makes no Demands: salvation ultimately makes the demand of discipleship (Mk8:34), implicit in saving faith is that I see the need for salvation and implicit in this is repentance from the way I was going.

Faith in Christ means turning away from sin, Satan and self. 

Often emphasises the 2 sides to a…

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Romans Chp 3 Vs 21 – 31; 4: 1-12 - Justification by Faith – Is Trusting a Person - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

3 Key Words: 

Righteousness (v21) – a “righteousness apart from the law” - we considered Gods righteous Standard in chapters 1 – 3 and in this transitional verse we noted a Righteousness from God that is able to bring salvation rather than damnation, justification rather than condemnation. We found an example of a righteousness of God that saves in the book of Joshua, in Rahab the Harlot saved on the basis of righteousness! Gods Righteousness is not only a standard but it also becomes a standing by faith in…

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