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Romans chp 11 : 11-24 : 'The Olive Tree – A Magnificent Vision for a Magnificent Service' - J Stewart Gillespie  

There is a great danger in this present world of becoming caught up with ourselves. 

This section points us to the fact that we are not what God is doing, neither me, nor a nation, nor a church but rather we are part of what God is doing. 

This section invites me to take a step back and look at the bigger pitcher 


There is something very broad and expansive about this view of Gods dealings in grace. 

One of the sad things about this section is that many have approached it with a desire to rigidly define…

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Romans Chapter 11 vs 1 to 15 : '7 Features of an Irrepressible Christian' - JS Gillespie  

We have an insight into the heart of an irrepressible Christian. 

Everything is thrown at the apostle Paul: 

Tortured by men  (2 Co11:23ff) 
Troubled by deep emotions  (Rom 9:1ff) 
Taunted by skeptics (Rom 11:1ff) 
Tested by the Devil  (Eph 6:10ff; 1 Thess 2:18) 


Physical battles (2 Co11:23ff) 
Emotional battles (Rom 9:1ff) 
Psychological battles (Rom 11:1ff) – you're all alone 
Spiritual battles (Eph 6:10ff; 1 Thess 2:18) 


Yet true salvation is secure salvation 


The genuine believer is finally triumphant…

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Romans chapter 11 vs 4 to 10 : 'Whilst Samson Slept' - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

2 groups of people: 

The Remnant (11:4-7) 
The Rest (11:7-10) 

Whilst we have 2 groups I want to think about 3 conditions: 

Sleeping (11:7-8) 
Stumbling (11:9) 
Sold out for God (11:4-7) 

Conditions (1) and (2) really apply to the one group of people – the rest 

But perhaps we can see that there is decline in their condition 

From bad to worse? 

Sold out for God: 

The Remnant of Grace: 

Communicating with Power (11:4) 
Consecrated to a Person (11:4) 
Committed to a Purpose (11:5-6) 

Communicating with Power…

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Romans Chapter 11 vs 1 to 12 : 'Failure that Fans the Flames of Faith' - J Stewart Gillespie   

Romans chp 11 – part of the difficult part of Romans? 

Is there an easy part? 

Romans chps 9 to 11 – a parenthesis – it is, but not that much of a parenthesis 

Is it out of place? 

Chps 1 -3 – Sin 

Chps 3 – 5 – Salvation 

Chps 6 – 8 – Sanctification 

Chp 7 – Struggle with the flesh 

Chp 8 – Victory in the Spirit 

chps 9 to 11 – Israel 

Is it there out of habit? 

Is it there out of place? 

Is it there out of order? 

I think rather out of necessity! 

Perhaps chps 9 to 11 are not really primarily about Israel…

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