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The Last Lecture - Fairwell Forever - Fruitfulness Faithfulness Fortitude - Revelation 22 - JS Gillespie   

The book of Revelation ends unexpectedly in chapter 22 with a series of practical challenges. The Spirit of God takes the eternal and brings it into time. In the light of meeting the Lord Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, the Lamb upon the throne, now is the time to be fruitful, and faithful, facing the challenges of life with courage, fortitude and hope. The tree of life, fruitful every month, drawing from the rivers of living water is to be echoed in our life now as we hear the invitation of Christ to that same living water, -'let Him that is athirst come'.

Dr J Stewart Gillespie
Faskally House Families Week 2023
The last lecture - Fairwell Forever
Fruitfulness Faithfulness and Fortitude
Studies in Revelation chapter 22.

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The Last Lecture - The Reason for Revelation - Christ is Everything - Revelation chapter 22 - JS Gillespie   

The book of Revelation ends with the supremacy and centrality of Christ, at the centre of heaven and supreme over the universe. Ephesus had left their first love, the root cause of all of the problems at Pergamos , Thyatira, Sardis and Laodicea! Jesus will the centre of heaven as the Alpha and Omega, the Lamb, the bright and morning star and the root and offspring of David. If Jesus is the centre of heaven surely He should be at the centre of our life today.
Dr J Stewart Gillespie
Faskally House Families Week 2023
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The Last Lecture - What's so Great about Glory - Revelation chp 21-JS Gillespie   

Heaven is a place of surpassing glory, infinitely more glorious than the good creation from which we came. Through the experiences of life, all of its sufferings and trials and tribulations God infuses purpose in using the experiences of life and the world's experience of the consequences of sin and rebellion to bring us to Glory and redeem a people who now chose to dwell forever with and serve the Lord.
Revelation chapter 21
Dr J Stewart Gillespie
Faskally House Families Week 2023
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Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Free to download sermons as mp3 audio, systematic preaching studies through the New Testament, a verse by verse Bible Teaching series, from the prophetic book of Revelation of Jesus Christ.

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