Systematic teaching through Pauls letter to the Romans by Dr J Stewart Gillespie

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Romans chp 10 vs 9 'The Lordship of Christ' - JS Gillespie  


The Lordship of Christ, probably one of the least popular truths amongst professing Christians today. 

Preach to us about heaven and Christ, but don't tell us what to do! 

Everything we have studied together over the past couple of years in Romans is being denied today in professing Christendom: 


Total Depravity (Chps 1 -3) 

We have men today invited to do a course, to get to heaven! 

The apostles didn't invite anyone to do a course! 

They preached that God now commands all men everywhere to repent and…

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Romans Chapter 10 vs 1 to 4 – The Prayer Paul Prayed - J Stewart Gillespie  

There are perhaps 5 great problems which as Christians we must grapple with at some point in our Christian life, if our faith is to be anything deeper than a vague superstition in spit of the facts and problems of ordinary life: 

  • The Problem of Evil 
  • The Problem of Suffering 
  • The Problem of the life cut short – the child 
  • The Problem of the unevangelised 
  • The Problem of eternal judgment 


The epistle to the Romans touches on / gives great help on many of these problem areas of Christian…

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Romans Chapter 9 verses 28 to 33 – 4 Attributes of a Sovereign God - JS Gillespie  

Consider the apostles presentation of the truth of Divine election in 9:15-24. 

We saw that in a biblical understanding of the election and sovereignty of God 4 Divine attributes are preserved. 

As you come to consider this great matter for yourself always check does my view of election preserve these 4 key Divine attributes, preserved by the apostle in Romans chapter 9, if it doesn't you do not have a biblical view of election and in fact you may not have a biblical view of God! 

In election and…

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Romans Chapter 9 verses 15 to 24 – Standing Proud Against God - JS Gillespie  

The Bible speaks about: 


  • Foolish mistakes: “the fool has said in his heart there is no God” 
  • Fatal mistakes: “the wages of sin is death” 
  • Final mistakes: “this night thy souls shall be required of thee...” 
  • Fundamental mistakes: “hath God said?” 


Mans fundamental sin is that of pride (Gen 3) 

That we think that there maybe circumstances in life when we can get one over on God, when we know best. 

We do not really doubt / are ignorant of the reality of God 

We know that He has spoken 


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Romans Chapter 8 verses 31 to 39 'Saved, Satisfied, Secure' - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

The closing verses of a great chapter 

Chapter 8 is also the closing chapter of a great section of Romans: 

Sin - chps 1 to 3 
Salvation - chps 3 to 4 
Sovereignty - chp 5 
Struggle - chps 6 +7 
Sanctification - chp 8 

Romans chp 8 verses 31 to 38: 

  1. Saved 
  2. Satisfied 
  3. Secure 


Full “all things” (8:32) 

A God who gives up His Son or me will hardly withhold any good thing from me! 

The nature of God towards His own is that He cannot withhold any good thing! Even if that good thing is…

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