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Romans Chp 7 – The Battle for Holiness - J Stewart Gillespie  

3 great enemies of the believer (James 3:15): 

  1. The World 
  2. The Flesh 
  3. The Devil 

Romans 6 the apostle speaks on the subject of consecration, of a life given over wholly to the service of God, particularly 6:12-20. 

As the apostle turns to look at impediments to that consecration in chap 7 it is to the flesh that he devouts this section to! 

The Devil may well be a smarter enemy 

The world may well be a bigger enemy but 

The flesh is the weakest enemy and paradoxically therefore perhaps the most…

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Romans Chp 4 Vs 1 to 8: Justification by Faith is A Full Salvation - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

Righteousness is Credited (4:1-5) 

Sin is Cleansed (4:6-8) 


2 Errors of Mark 10:17-31: 

Salvation is Deserved: “what shall I do that I may inherit...” (10:17); “all these have I observed” (10:20) 

Salvation makes no Demands: salvation ultimately makes the demand of discipleship (Mk8:34), implicit in saving faith is that I see the need for salvation and implicit in this is repentance from the way I was going.

Faith in Christ means turning away from sin, Satan and self. 

Often emphasises the 2 sides to a…

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