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Romans Chapter 11 vs 1 to 15 : '7 Features of an Irrepressible Christian' - JS Gillespie  

We have an insight into the heart of an irrepressible Christian. 

Everything is thrown at the apostle Paul: 

Tortured by men  (2 Co11:23ff) 
Troubled by deep emotions  (Rom 9:1ff) 
Taunted by skeptics (Rom 11:1ff) 
Tested by the Devil  (Eph 6:10ff; 1 Thess 2:18) 


Physical battles (2 Co11:23ff) 
Emotional battles (Rom 9:1ff) 
Psychological battles (Rom 11:1ff) – you're all alone 
Spiritual battles (Eph 6:10ff; 1 Thess 2:18) 


Yet true salvation is secure salvation 


The genuine believer is finally triumphant…

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Romans Chapter 8 Vs 28 to 30 : 'Gods Purpose in Suffering' - JS Gillespie  


Because of Christ there is: 

1.    Purpose in Suffering (8:28-30) - Christ Glorified - to share in His Glory (8:29-30) 

2.    Proof of Gods interest in my suffering (8:31-34) - Christ Crucified 

3.    Power in Suffering (8:34-39) - Power available to transform suffering - Christ Resurrected 



1.    Purpose in Suffering (8:28-30) - Christ Glorified - to share in His Glory (8:29-30) 


To make me like a glorified Saviour 

The worlds problem with suffering: 


1.    Moral issue - Suffering is…

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Romans chapter 8 verses 14 to 17 - The Relationship that Transforms Suffering - J Stewart Gillespie  

In some ways the story of the bible is the story of how God moves from what is good, even very good (Gen1) to what is utterly glorious. 

How can you improve on a good work of God? 

Not so much that God improves on a good work of God or that there are faults in Gods work which need to be improved upon but rather the good work of God is not the final work of God. 

Gods good work is the platform upon which He will work His glorious work. 

None of that would cause us to blink a theological eyelid I am sure was…

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Romans Chp 8 Vs 14 to 17: 'The Spirit Filled Relationship that Transforms Suffering' - J Stewart Gillespie  

The Spirit filled relationship is marked by: 

Prayer (v15) 
Proof (v16) 

Whatever we get out of v16 and however we expound it must bring us to this – proof and assurance of faith, any exposition of this verse that takes us to less than that is inadequate. 

“bear witness with” : “συμμαρτυρέω” : from “μαρτυρέω” is a word used: 

in the setting of church order to prove, convict or convince another of sin or error (Matt 18:16), it involves the presentation of convincing evidence. 
in a court of law (Matt 26:65…

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Romans Chapter 8 Vs 18 to 23: 'From Good to Glorious' - Gen 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31 ; Rev 21:22-23; Rom 8:18-23 - JS Gillespie  

In this biblical study of Romans chapter 8 we look at one of the great theological problems of the Christian world view; the problem of suffering. We look for answers in text of the bible as to why do people suffer? Why do I suffer? Can there be a God if there is so much suffering and pain in this world?

The biblical teaching on this subject is surprising!

The problem of suffering and of pain in a broken and fallen world was not ignored by the writers of the Bible.

We are not the first ones to ask; why do…

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Romans Chp 5 Vs 6 to 11: 'Rejoicing in Vomit' - J Stewart Gillespie  

A heavy chapter of doctrine, 

Great doctrinal subjects such as: 

The sovereignty of God 
The plan of salvation 
The all sufficiency of Gods Grace 

See in the 3 sections that Gods Grace is sufficient for and Gods purposes are Sovereign over: 

  1. Life's Problems (5:-5) 
  2. Salvation's Plan (5:6-11) 
  3. Man's Plight (5:12-21) 

Or to put it another way He is enough for the: 

  1. Worries of Life (5:-5) 
  2. Weakness of Self (5:6-11) 
  3. Wickedness of Man (5:12-21) 

I can rest in His all Sufficient Grace in: 

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