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Romans Chp 6 Vs 1 to 14; 2 Kings 4: 'Alive to God' - J Stewart Gillespie  

“shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” (6:1) 


This might seem a bizarre idea, a strange suggestion 

At times grace shields from our horizon the full consequences of our sin 

God remains a Holy and Righteous God – He has not changed 

It is possible however for this kind of idea to creep into our thinking 

Am I trading on Gods Grace? 


Would my behaviour change if: 


If I thought that my lie / deception would be dealt with the same way as Ananias Saphira's was? (Acts 5) 2 believers lie to the…

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Finding Grace in our Greatest Grief: The Position of Children in Grace (Matt 18:1-14) - Romans chapter 5 - JS Gillespie  

What happens when a child dies?

Where does a dead child go?

Is a child who dies saved or lost?

Do all dead children go to heaven?

These and other questions pertaining to the death of a child we wish to answer from what the Bible says and from what the Lord Jesus taught.

The position of children in Grace: 

Far greater and completely different from their position before: 

  • The law 
  • Roman and Greek society 
  • The disciples 


There is perhaps no section that deals with children which turns our thinking…

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Finding God's Grace Greater than our Grief: The Pictures of Grace to a Child (Roms 5:12; 2 Sam 12:20-25; 1Kings 17:18ff; 2Kings 4; Mk5) - J Stewart Gillespie  

What happens when a child dies? 

Where does a dead child go? 

Is a child who dies saved or lost? 

Is there any hope for such a child who dies before an age of understanding?

Do all dead children go to heaven? 

These and other questions pertaining to the death of a child we wish to answer from what the Bible says and from what the Lord Jesus taught, in this bible study and in the messages from Romans chapter 5 where we address this topic in detail.

With respect to the salvation of a child and God's provision…

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Romans Chp 4 Vs 1 to 8: Justification by Faith is A Full Salvation - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

Righteousness is Credited (4:1-5) 

Sin is Cleansed (4:6-8) 


2 Errors of Mark 10:17-31: 

Salvation is Deserved: “what shall I do that I may inherit...” (10:17); “all these have I observed” (10:20) 

Salvation makes no Demands: salvation ultimately makes the demand of discipleship (Mk8:34), implicit in saving faith is that I see the need for salvation and implicit in this is repentance from the way I was going.

Faith in Christ means turning away from sin, Satan and self. 

Often emphasises the 2 sides to a…

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Romans Chp 3 Vs 21 – 31; 4: 1-12 - Justification by Faith – Is Trusting a Person - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

3 Key Words: 

Righteousness (v21) – a “righteousness apart from the law” - we considered Gods righteous Standard in chapters 1 – 3 and in this transitional verse we noted a Righteousness from God that is able to bring salvation rather than damnation, justification rather than condemnation. We found an example of a righteousness of God that saves in the book of Joshua, in Rahab the Harlot saved on the basis of righteousness! Gods Righteousness is not only a standard but it also becomes a standing by faith in…

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Romans chapter 1 verses 8 to 17 - The Results of the Gospel - J Stewart Gillespie  

Vs 1- 7 – The Reality of the Gospel – Confidence of Paul 
Vs 8-17 – The Results of the Gospel – Converts at Rome 
Vs 17-32 – Requirement for the Gospel – Condition of Fallen Humanity 

Vs 1- 7 – The Reality of the Gospel – Confidence of Paul 

Don't need to understand everything 

Our faith doesn't lie in the fact that we have answers to all of the possible questions that could be asked but rather our faith is founded upon certainties, we at the moment see through a glass darkly. 

Vs 8-17 – The Results of the…

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Romans Chapter 2 Vs 1 to 6 'Many People One Path' - JS Gillespie 

3 Categories of Sinners: 

Rotten Sinners of chp 1 
Self-Righteous Sinners of 2:1-6 
Religious Sinners for chp 2 

Rotten Sinners of chapter 1 

The pagan idolaters 

Self-Righteous Sinners (2:1-6) 

They are able to discern sin but not to dispense with sin! 
Judge sin in others but not in self 
No repentance from their own sin 
Notice that the condemnation of these self-righteous sinners is NOT that they fail to live a perfect life - which cannot be expected of any man but rather they fail to repent from the sin…

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Romans chapter 1 verses 1 to 7 - Doubts and Deliverance  

If you are going to give your life for Christ and the Gospel, you need to have confidence / need to be convinced that it is real 
Paul gave his life for the gospel 
He needed total confidence in the message 
Sometimes our service for Christ can be hindered by a lack of confidence in Christ and in the message: 

Is it real? 
Is it reliable? 
What about all the other messages? 
Can so many people be wrong? 

When faced with doubts there are 3 things we can so: 

Deny them - they tend to come back 
Be Destroyed by them…

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Romans chapter 1 verses 2 to 4 - Proving the Gospel is Real   

'If its new its not true and if its true its not new' 

How authentic is this message? 

Did it come from man? 

Did it come from God? 

The authenticity of the Gospel. 

verse 1 - The Man 

verse 2 - The Message 

Hardly a more important question than this - is it real? 

Reasons the Gospel is Real: 

Personal Experience (v1) – Paul – Servant, Sent One and Separated 
The Promise (v2) - The Gospel lies (not very well) hidden in OT promises 
The Person (v3) - The Lord Jesus Christ is real 
The Power (v4) - The power of…

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