Mark chp 1 - A Whole Lot of Preparation went into the Gospel - JS Gillespie  

Mark chapter 1 and the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, announced by John the Baptist who prepares the way for Jesus and the hearts of men. There has been thousands of years of propheti preparation into the coming of Jesus Christ, set out in the Old Testament scriptures which spoke of His coming, His death on the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A bible study of Mark chapter 1 by Dr J Stewart Gillespie.

The Cross, The Grave, The Tomb. 3 Pictures of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary and Salome at Easter.  

3 days, 3 pictures and 3 women who perceivere in following Jesus from the cross of Calvary to the tombm where the tragedy of Calvary becomes the triumph of resurrection and the empty grave. A message at Easter. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Gospel 2023

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Gospel preaching from Bridgend Gospel Hall, New Cumnock

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