From the Church in New Cumnock @ Bridgend Gospel Hall

A Fresh Glimpse of Jesus - Mark chapter 9 - JS Gillespie  

Mark chapter 9 and the mount of transfiguration. 

The mount of transfiguration gives us a fresh glimpse of who the Lord Jesus is. It is here we are presented with one who is more than a prophet, of whom the law and the prophets looked forward to. We see Jesus in His purity and perfection, in His preeminence, in His Person and His purpose as Saviour. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Problems bigger than I realise. A Saviour greater than I can imagine - Mark chapter 5 - JS Gillespie  


The man of the Gadarenes, the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus on behalf of his daughter, all came to Jesus in Mark chapter 5 with big problems. Their real problems were even bigger than they had imagined. The man of the Gadarenes was not only disturbed but demon possessed and more than that possessed by multiple demons! Jairus daughter was sick but he didn't realise just how sick. By the time he reached Jesus his daughter was dead. Faith laid hold of a Saviour greater than their problems! Here is a Saviour able to deal not only with the symptoms of a fallen humanity but with the root cause and core; sin and the fallen heart. He alone is able to forgive sin, regenerate with new life and free from Satan and evil. 

Mark chapter 5 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie

A Soul worth Saving - Mark chapter 7 - JS Gillespie  


Mark chapter 7 verses 24 to 30 record the encounter if a Syrophencian woman with the Lord Jesus at the border of Tyre and Sidon. This woman grasps the opportunity to meet Christ, an opportunity which was quickly to pass. Like blind Bartimaeus, the two blind men at Jericho, Zacchaeus, the woman with the issue of blood and the blind man at the temple in John chpater 9, the passing Jesus of Nazareth was an opportunity to encounter God and find salvation, a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed. In humility she comes to Jesus on behalf of her demon possessed daughter seeking just a few crumbs from the masters table. This woman appreciated that it was not her great grasp of a small God that would save and deliver but rather her small, weak grasp of a great God. God does the saving we come in faith. 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie 

A gospel message preached at Bridgend Gospel Hall New Cumnock Scotland

Gospel 2023

GraceinChrist Bible Teaching

Gospel preaching from Bridgend Gospel Hall, New Cumnock

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