There is One God - 1 Timothy chp 2 vs 5 - Tom Gray   

Our mind perceives the reality of God from the complexity of the created world around us. What our mind perceives our heart declares to us. What our heart declares our conscience convicts us of. God is real. God is one. His standards hold us to ultimate account and before them all are found sinners. As clear and emphatic as the bible is, as to our fallen condition before a Holy God, it is every bit as clear regarding the path of forgiveness and salvation; by Grace alone, through faith alone in the person of God's Son; Jesus Christ. God's great provision for our need of a Saviour, our perfect substitute, the bearer of our sins and the means of forgiveness and reconciliation to an offended God. Do you know Him? Have you trusted Him?

The Good Samaritan - A Story of Ruin, Religion, Self Righteousness and Reality - The Difference Jesus Makes - Luke chp 10 - JS Gillespie  


The good Samaritan has become short hand for kindness to strangers, but what does it really mean? It's a parable taught by Jesus to a man full of self worth and self satisfaction who thinks he deserves to gain heaven by the measure of his own self importance. In reality he was a million miles away from God, The parable is a litmus test of the condition of a man's soul. Only those born again and born of God, new creatures by faith in Jesus have the capacity to truly reflect the love and compassion of God; a love which loves the unlovable and likes the unlikeable. The lawyer failed the test of reality. He had big religious aspirations but no spiritual transformation. The parable is also the story of the inevitable human tragedy; that at the end of a road that drops down, down, down; that sinks to record lows heading towards the Jericho of depravity, destruction and the curse we rarely strike gold at the bottom and more often draw from a well of deep grief and sorrow. Only Jesus can transform such a condition and such a person. 

The Blessing of Dieing Twice - Luke chapter 8 - JS Gillespie  

It was a great meeting, only 7 attended and one of them was dead! 

It was the one who was dead that Jesus spoke to and it was the one who was dead who heard the voice of Jesus and even more remarkably she responded.

The crises of death often hits us right at the moment when death is imminent. Jarius was tremendously blessed in Luke chapter 8 although he did not realise it at the time. The crises of the death of his daughter, brought him to a crises of faith and a reality check. Neither he nor his religion could deal with death and the hereafter. He did what his love for his child demanded, he came in humility and faith to the feet of Jesus. Who cares what people think when we are seeking and finally find the secret of eternal life!