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Tell me what heaven is like - Revelation chapter 22  

The book of Revelation has as it's supreme goal the drawing of our hearts to the person of Christ, to find our delight, our joy and satisfaction in Him. It was that moving away from Christ as our first love that caused the problems at Ephesus in Revelation chapter 2 and it is this void which the book of Revelation fills. In drawing me to Christ as living water and the tree of life, we gain a glimpse of the place where Christ is, that is heaven. Having concluded our studies in the book of Revelation perhaps we will be left with a flavour of Christ, a thirst for Him and a glimpse of heaven as home, as destiny and as eternal reward. 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Revelation chapter 22 - The Surprising End to Revelation, 3 words of encouragement - JS Gillespie  


The final chapter of the final book of the Bible, Revelation concludes with 3 final challanges. In summing up Revelation is ultimately a book of encouragement and challenge and not purely a book of prophetic events yet to be fulfilled. On 3 separate occasions the Lord Jesus concludes with " behold I come quickly." On each of these 3 occasions there follows a practical exhortation for us to appreciate and apply 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie Systematic studies in Revelation.

I am Alpha and Omega - The Problem of Revelation! - Revelation chapter 22 vs 13 - JS Gillespie  

Why was the book of Revelation written? All of the New Testamant letters were written to address some kind of problem or crises in the church, so what crises did the book of Revelation address? The apocalypse opens with an address to the 7 churches of asia minor. These 7 churches represent 7 distinct problems faced by these churches. It is possible to discern not only problems bit a pattern. The problems begin logically with Ephesus having left her first love. This creates a spiritual vacuum which draws in the world and false religion at Pergamos, false teachers and false teaching in Thyatira until ultimately we arrive at Laodicea. In Laodicea we have not left our first love, the Lord Jesus, rather we have positively locked Him out! He is on the outside of the church! This church is to busy and popular for His presence! The great need of the church and for individual believers is a living and vital union and communion with Jesus Christ! He is the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus Christ is present at the beginning and at the end. Jesus Christ is the cause fo the beginning and the end as the arche and telos. Jesus Christ thus reveals history from beginning to end! It is easy to forget that the essence of Christianity is our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie From a systematic study of the book of Revelation.

God's Grace does not give us what we want, God gives us what we need - Himself - Revelation chp 22 vs 5  

Revelation chapter 22 verse 5 

"and there shall be no night there and they need no candle, neither light of the sun for the Lord God giveth them light and they shall reign for ever and ever"  

Dr J Stewart Gillespie, from a series of bible teaching ministry in the book of Revelation.

Revelation chp 22 vs 4 - And His Name shall be upon their Foreheads  

Revelation chp 22 vs 4 - And His Name shall be upon their Foreheads. A bible study of Revelation chapter 22 verse 4. God not only rewards the service of His people but by the experiences through which they are led God molds and shapes the character of His people. Men like Moses shaped for meekness, Daniel for righteousness, Job shaped by circumstances for patience and Jonah brought to an appreciation of Gods Grace and salvation! God prepares His servants to receive His name upon their forehead. Dr J Stewart Gillespie - 01082023

Revelation chapter 20 vs 1 to 5 - 4 lessons from 4 ever - JS Gillespie   

Some see Eden not only as the place of human origin but as the destiny, as though the purpose of God is to bring us back to where we begun. God in His sovereignity has something far better than simply getting us back to where we started. There is purpose and meaning in trial and tribulation, affliction and problems. Our sufferings and sorrows are not wasted. God is sovereign even over our disobedience and is able to mold and shape us into conformity to His image. It is worth taking risks for God, it can lead to unexpected outcomes and blessing for His People! Bible teaching from Revelation chapter 22, Dr J Stewart Gillespie

25th July 2023

Revelation chapter 22 vs 1 to 6 - The Tree of Life and the River of Life, When Life's too Tuff - JS Gillespie  


A study of Revelation chapter 22, heaven and the New Jerusalem. We consider the eternal resources of the river of life and the tree of life. It would perhaps be easy to forget that either the tree of life or that river of life ever existed. Once they were in Eden, but since Genesis chapter 3 Adam and humanity have been barred from entrance into that garden and resource. Down through the scriptures that river has not been forgotten about. The nation of Israel drank of that river in the wilderness (1 Corinthians chapter 10); David thirsted for that river (Psalm 42 verse 1) and knew of the source of that river (Psalm 46 vs 4). The woman at the well in John chapter 4 tasted of that living water. Here is the source of that living water in Revelation chapter 22. There are two conditions attached to enjoing that living water. It comes from the throne of God and of the Lamb. We must know Him as Lord and as Saviour and then we can taste of that Living Water. What is holding us back? The resources for spiritual progress is all there. Dr J Stewart Gillespie From a systematic study in the Book of Revelation Bridgend Gospel Hall New Cumnock

Revelation chapter 21 - Why there are no Diamonds in Heaven - JS Gillespie  

A study of heaven and the New Jerusalem in Revelation chapter 21. We consider the gates named after the tribes of Israel, the precious stones of the foundation of the New Jerusalem and the dimensions of Glory. We consider the significance of the fact that there are no diamonds in the New Jerusalem. Here is a suitable place to reflect the true and eternal Glory of God. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Revelation chapter 21 vs 1 to 12 - The Man who Named the Gates of Heaven - JS Gillespie  

Heaven as described in Revelation chapter 21 has many surprises. We could perhaps ask the question, if all of earth and heaven pass away, what really is the point to life? Revelation chapter 21 shows us 4 great things we take with us to heaven and some of them are pretty surprising, in particular the 12 names of the tribes of Israel on the gates of heaven. Dr J Stewart Gilllespie, a systematic study of the book of Revelation.

Revelation chp 21 vs 1 to 3 - Glorious Uncertainty - JS Gillespie  


The New Heaven and the New Earth of Johns prophetic Revelation in chapter 21 point us a fresh understanding of heaven, a fresh persepctive on the Christian life and a new and glorious appreciation of the source of the voice the Christian experiences day by day from the word of God and His Spirit. Systematic Bible teaching from the book of Revelation. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

The Great Reset The New World Order and The Millenial Reign of Christ - Revelation chapter 20 - JS Gillespie  

Revelation chapter 20 sets the preconditions for the New World order under Jesus Christ in the millenial reign of Jesus Christ on the earth. As a precondition for His reign there must be victory over the Dragon, the old serpent, the Devil, that is Satan, the world and the flesh of ourselves. We must be ready to reign with Him and this means to daily engage in the spiritual battle by His power. 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie

The Last Judgment and the Final Secret of the Bible - Revelation chapter 20  


Revelation chapter 20 describes the final Great White Throne judgment of all people by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is here that God draws a line between our world and His heaven. Nothing that defiles, decays nor dies will be permitted into His Glorious heaven. There are many ways to this judgment but only one way through this judgment! Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Revelation chapter 20 contains the final secret of the Bible. It is not our works, nor our righteousness, nor or religious endeavours which open up heaven to us but a name known by a Saviour who died, our name written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Heaven belongs to those who belong to Jesus. Faith alone in teh Saviour who is alone the way and the truth and the life is the only way through judgment and into the presence of God forever. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

The Day after Armageddon - Why God Destroyed the World - Revelation chapter 19 and 1 Kings chapter 21 - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

The Day after Armageddon - Why God Destroyed the World - Revelation chapter 19 and 1 Kings chapter 21 - Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Armageddon and The Marriage Supper of the Lamb - The Last Last Supper - Revelation chapter 19  

In Revelation chapter 19 we consider the black and white contrast and the stark choice facing us between heaven and earth, the Lamb and the Lord, salvation and judgement and the marriage supper of the lamb and the supper of the Great God that is Armageddon. Part of our series of studies in Revelation - Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah - The Final 4 Alleluias before Forever - Revelation 19  

A study of Revelation chapter 19 and the alleluia chorus of heaven, the final four alleluias of the Bible, from heaven as Babylon falls. Dr J Stewart Gillespie Systematic studies in Revelation

Revelation chapter 18 - Babylon and It's Deep Dark Depraved Secret - JS Gillespie  

Explaining the mystery and meaning of Babylon in Revelation chapters 17 and 18. What is Babylon? When will Babylon appear? What will the mystery Babylon be like? In this bible study we examine the spirit of Babylon, the system of Babylon and the secret of Babylon. Practically we see the need for separation and Holiness from the corruption of the world's systems. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Suffering It's not God's Fault but He will Fix it - Revelation chapter 21 - J Stewart Gillespie  

Bible teaching from Revelation chapter 21 verses 4 to 8. In these verses we see God's purpose and plan for the world and the universe. God looks back at a world broken by sin, suffering, death, disease and dissapointment. The disasters of this world are not God's fault but God will fix them by the only means by which He can and will, by the power of His Son Jesus Christ.

Revelation chp 17 - Babylon - The Satanic Kingdom of Tomorrow - JS Gillespie  


Revelation chapter 17 and the prophetic future of Babylon, what it is and who it is controlled by and the challenges presented by Babylon today. From our systematic series of bible teaching messages in the book of Revelation.

What have you got to be so happy about? Revelation 5 - JS Gillespie  


The joy of believers in the presence of the Lamb seated upon the throne of heaven in Revelation chapter 5 contrasts with the disappointment, despair, death and loss of those who pursue the world with its passing atheism, materialism and hedonism. We cannot have both heaven and earth as our part and portion, a wise man will chose that which lasts the longest (Jim Elliot) - J Stewart Gillespie

Revelation 17 - Babylon and the Beast the World Sleep Walking into Catastrophe - JS Gillespie  

The world looks on and wonders, surprised at the residence and presidence of the demonic beast's take over of Babylon. The most surprising aspect of Revelation 17 is that the world is surprised! Having fashioned a world system of atheism, humanism, hedonism and materialism nothing could be more predictable than that system would become a perfect habitation for the demonic. Anyone surely could predict this, except the world itself! Satan had mankind fashion his anti-church, his anti-kingdom on his behalf. Here was a place of safety, security, and salvation (17:4). Babylon offered everything a soul could wish for! Here was a false saviour and a false salvation! Here was Satan's master piece, the work of millenia! The angel (17:1) pauses from his busy schedule to emphasise to John that whilst the wheels of Divine justice may well turn slow, they turn certain and sure. There is nothing more certain than Divine justice played out in time and in eternity. Dr J Stewart Gillespie,