I am Alpha and Omega - The Problem of Revelation! - Revelation chapter 22 vs 13 - JS Gillespie 

Why was the book of Revelation written? All of the New Testamant letters were written to address some kind of problem or crises in the church, so what crises did the book of Revelation address? The apocalypse opens with an address to the 7 churches of asia minor. These 7 churches represent 7 distinct problems faced by these churches. It is possible to discern not only problems bit a pattern. The problems begin logically with Ephesus having left her first love. This creates a spiritual vacuum which draws in the world and false religion at Pergamos, false teachers and false teaching in Thyatira until ultimately we arrive at Laodicea. In Laodicea we have not left our first love, the Lord Jesus, rather we have positively locked Him out! He is on the outside of the church! This church is to busy and popular for His presence! The great need of the church and for individual believers is a living and vital union and communion with Jesus Christ! He is the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus Christ is present at the beginning and at the end. Jesus Christ is the cause fo the beginning and the end as the arche and telos. Jesus Christ thus reveals history from beginning to end! It is easy to forget that the essence of Christianity is our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie From a systematic study of the book of Revelation.