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Revelation chapter 21 - Why there are no Diamonds in Heaven - JS Gillespie  

A study of heaven and the New Jerusalem in Revelation chapter 21. We consider the gates named after the tribes of Israel, the precious stones of the foundation of the New Jerusalem and the dimensions of Glory. We consider the significance of the fact that there are no diamonds in the New Jerusalem. Here is a suitable place to reflect the true and eternal Glory of God. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Revelation chapter 21 vs 1 to 12 - The Man who Named the Gates of Heaven - JS Gillespie  

Heaven as described in Revelation chapter 21 has many surprises. We could perhaps ask the question, if all of earth and heaven pass away, what really is the point to life? Revelation chapter 21 shows us 4 great things we take with us to heaven and some of them are pretty surprising, in particular the 12 names of the tribes of Israel on the gates of heaven. Dr J Stewart Gilllespie, a systematic study of the book of Revelation.

Revelation chp 21 vs 1 to 3 - Glorious Uncertainty - JS Gillespie  


The New Heaven and the New Earth of Johns prophetic Revelation in chapter 21 point us a fresh understanding of heaven, a fresh persepctive on the Christian life and a new and glorious appreciation of the source of the voice the Christian experiences day by day from the word of God and His Spirit. Systematic Bible teaching from the book of Revelation. Dr J Stewart Gillespie

Suffering It's not God's Fault but He will Fix it - Revelation chapter 21 - J Stewart Gillespie  

Bible teaching from Revelation chapter 21 verses 4 to 8. In these verses we see God's purpose and plan for the world and the universe. God looks back at a world broken by sin, suffering, death, disease and dissapointment. The disasters of this world are not God's fault but God will fix them by the only means by which He can and will, by the power of His Son Jesus Christ.