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Romans chp 11 : 11-24 : 'The Olive Tree – A Magnificent Vision for a Magnificent Service' - J Stewart Gillespie  

There is a great danger in this present world of becoming caught up with ourselves. 

This section points us to the fact that we are not what God is doing, neither me, nor a nation, nor a church but rather we are part of what God is doing. 

This section invites me to take a step back and look at the bigger pitcher 


There is something very broad and expansive about this view of Gods dealings in grace. 

One of the sad things about this section is that many have approached it with a desire to rigidly define…

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Romans Chapter 10 vs 1 to 4 – The Prayer Paul Prayed - J Stewart Gillespie  

There are perhaps 5 great problems which as Christians we must grapple with at some point in our Christian life, if our faith is to be anything deeper than a vague superstition in spit of the facts and problems of ordinary life: 

  • The Problem of Evil 
  • The Problem of Suffering 
  • The Problem of the life cut short – the child 
  • The Problem of the unevangelised 
  • The Problem of eternal judgment 


The epistle to the Romans touches on / gives great help on many of these problem areas of Christian…

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