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Romans chapter 12 verses 9 to 13 - When Gift is not Enough - J Stewart Gillespie  

Romans chapter 12 verses 9 to 13 - When Gift is not Enough - J Stewart Gillespie

A strange thought: 'when gift is not enough' 

Is this: 

  • Ingratitude? 
  • Unthankfulness? 
  • Ungratefulness? 
  • Greediness? 
  • Unbelief? 

Following on from the themes previously noted of: 

  • Fragrance of Sacrifice (12:1-2) – personal consecration 
  • Fellowship of Saints (12:3-8) – use of spiritual gifts 
  • Fruitfulness in Spirit (12:9-21) 

In vs 3 to 8 we come to a section that deals with Christians collectively 


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Romans chapter 12 verses 1 and 2 & Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 - The Transforming Spirit of God - JS Gillespie   

The Gospel works! 

Even the sceptics have to acknowledge that! 

Charles Darwin, the author of the 'Origin of the Species,'  visited the island of Tierra del Fuego, Darwin included the inhabitants in his 'Descent of Man' regarding them as part of the 'missing link.' Darwin considered them a little above animals and a little lower than man: uncivilised, naked, perhaps with suggestions of cannibalism. 

Darwin: “for the reflection at once rushed into my mind – such were our ancestors,” 

A second visit following…

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Romans Chp 8 Vs 14 to 17: 'The Spirit Filled Relationship that Transforms Suffering' - J Stewart Gillespie  

The Spirit filled relationship is marked by: 

Prayer (v15) 
Proof (v16) 

Whatever we get out of v16 and however we expound it must bring us to this – proof and assurance of faith, any exposition of this verse that takes us to less than that is inadequate. 

“bear witness with” : “συμμαρτυρέω” : from “μαρτυρέω” is a word used: 

in the setting of church order to prove, convict or convince another of sin or error (Matt 18:16), it involves the presentation of convincing evidence. 
in a court of law (Matt 26:65…

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Romans Chapter 8 Vs 18 to 23: 'From Good to Glorious' - Gen 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31 ; Rev 21:22-23; Rom 8:18-23 - JS Gillespie  

In this biblical study of Romans chapter 8 we look at one of the great theological problems of the Christian world view; the problem of suffering. We look for answers in text of the bible as to why do people suffer? Why do I suffer? Can there be a God if there is so much suffering and pain in this world?

The biblical teaching on this subject is surprising!

The problem of suffering and of pain in a broken and fallen world was not ignored by the writers of the Bible.

We are not the first ones to ask; why do…

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Romans chapter 8 verses 14 to 17 - The Spirit Leads Right into the Presence of God - JS Gillespie  

We have looked at the leading of the Spirit in Romans chp 8 so far in terms of: 

What is the leading of the Spirit doctrinally? 

Considered the link with 8:13 and that the leading of the Spirit will lead us to mortify the deeds of the body. 
We considered however that this was not a narrow thing but a broad matter, encompassing the story of Romans so far: dealing with Gods work in us leading us from sin (chp 1) and from self (chp 2) to salvation (chp 3) and sanctification (chp 6-8). 
Considered that this is…

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Romans chapter 8 verse 14 - Living the Spirit Led Life - JS Gillespie  

There is a kind of Christianity today that: 

keeps Christ in the past 
Keeps God at arms length 

There is a kind of preaching too that: 

keeps Christ in the past 
Keeps God at arms length 

There can be even a kind of worship that: 

keeps Christ in the past 
Keeps God at arms length 

A kind of Christianity that distinguishes between: 

what we know 
what we practice 

That because we know so much maybe we don't need to practice it! 

Intelligent prayers and high sounding prayers, orthodox doctrine but a religion…

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Romans Chp 8 Vs 1 to 17 : 'Suffering, Sovereignty and The Spirit and the of God' - JS Gillespie  

The problem of suffering is amongst the most difficult and perplexing of all problems in life. 


There are those who on the basis of suffering would confidently affirm that there is no God. 


If there is a God He ought to be able, because He is all powerful and willing, because He is good to prevent suffering, since there is suffering, either God is not able to prevent it and so is not all powerful, is not willing to prevent it and so is not good or simply He does not exist. 


Where is the problem in…

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