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Romans chapter 12 verses 9 to 13 - When Gift is not Enough - J Stewart Gillespie  

Romans chapter 12 verses 9 to 13 - When Gift is not Enough - J Stewart Gillespie

A strange thought: 'when gift is not enough' 

Is this: 

  • Ingratitude? 
  • Unthankfulness? 
  • Ungratefulness? 
  • Greediness? 
  • Unbelief? 

Following on from the themes previously noted of: 

  • Fragrance of Sacrifice (12:1-2) – personal consecration 
  • Fellowship of Saints (12:3-8) – use of spiritual gifts 
  • Fruitfulness in Spirit (12:9-21) 

In vs 3 to 8 we come to a section that deals with Christians collectively 


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Romans chapter 12 verses 1 and 2 & Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 - The Transforming Spirit of God - JS Gillespie   

The Gospel works! 

Even the sceptics have to acknowledge that! 

Charles Darwin, the author of the 'Origin of the Species,'  visited the island of Tierra del Fuego, Darwin included the inhabitants in his 'Descent of Man' regarding them as part of the 'missing link.' Darwin considered them a little above animals and a little lower than man: uncivilised, naked, perhaps with suggestions of cannibalism. 

Darwin: “for the reflection at once rushed into my mind – such were our ancestors,” 

A second visit following…

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Romans chapter 12 verse 1 - The Altar - J Stewart Gillespie  

Romans chapter 12 gives a Biblical view of the personal call to the altar for believers . It is a view which goes beyond the Old Testament view that was apparent to the OT offeror in Leviticus; for the offeror and his sacrifice the altar was the end! If my view of the altar is the same, then this place of the altar will be a place full of foreboding and dread, a place to be avoided at all costs, and I will probably fail either to desire to come here or to actually come here at all. 

Before we can desire…

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