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Romans chapter 12 verses 9 to 13 - When Gift is not Enough - J Stewart Gillespie  

Romans chapter 12 verses 9 to 13 - When Gift is not Enough - J Stewart Gillespie

A strange thought: 'when gift is not enough' 

Is this: 

  • Ingratitude? 
  • Unthankfulness? 
  • Ungratefulness? 
  • Greediness? 
  • Unbelief? 

Following on from the themes previously noted of: 

  • Fragrance of Sacrifice (12:1-2) – personal consecration 
  • Fellowship of Saints (12:3-8) – use of spiritual gifts 
  • Fruitfulness in Spirit (12:9-21) 

In vs 3 to 8 we come to a section that deals with Christians collectively 


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Romans chapter 12 verse 1 - The Altar - J Stewart Gillespie  

Romans chapter 12 gives a Biblical view of the personal call to the altar for believers . It is a view which goes beyond the Old Testament view that was apparent to the OT offeror in Leviticus; for the offeror and his sacrifice the altar was the end! If my view of the altar is the same, then this place of the altar will be a place full of foreboding and dread, a place to be avoided at all costs, and I will probably fail either to desire to come here or to actually come here at all. 

Before we can desire…

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Romans chapter 7 vs 1 to 4 - A Passion to Serve - JS Gillespie  

“Shall we continue in sin?”  (Rom6:1) 

We considered 4 reasons: 

  1. We are Dead to Sin (6:1-6) 
  2. We are Alive to Christ (6:5-11) 
  3. Because I Serve Another (6:12-20) 
  4. Because Sin remains Sin (6:21-23) 

Because I Serve Another: 

We thought about this practically 

Consider how the whole body is used in service, start from the top: 

Our master (6:12) – Tour Head 
Our mortal body (6:12) – Our Human Desires / Lusts of the Body 
Our members (6:13) – Our Hands 
Our motive (6:17-19) – Our Heart 

Our master…

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