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1 Timothy chapter 6 verses 3 to11 - Timothy - The 13th Man of God - JS Gillespie  

Don't get distracted verse 11: 

'but thou O man of God' (v11) 

12 disciples, 1 failed, was removed and was replaced by Matthias in Acts 1:25. 

Men of God – 12 in the OT: 

Moses – a man who gave the law of God (Ezra 3:2; 2 Chron 30:16), who blessed the people of God, in fact he left them with blessing (Deuteronomy 33:1). 
Angel of God appearing to Manoah, whose name is 'Wonderful,' (Judges 13:6,8) – a possible Christophany. 
Unnamed Man of God who brings a prophetic word of judgment and condemnation to Eli (1…

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1 Timothy chapter 5 - Where there are People there are Problems - J Stewart Gillespie  

1 Timothy chapter 5 is perhaps not the highest spiritual ground in 1 Timothy, that place is surely the preserve of 1 Tim 3:16, but this is amongst the most practical sections of the epistle. 

1 Timothy chapter 5 gives us an insight into the PROBLEMS which Timothy faced at Ephesus. 

Not surprisingly we observe that the church at Ephesus was made up of PEOPLE, a diverse group of people: 

Elders (v1) 
Younger men (v1) 
Elder women (v2) 
Widows (v3) 
Young women (v14) 

The assembly is not an: 

place we…

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1 Timothy chp 1 vs 2 to 3 - Timothy The Preparation of a Hero - J Stewart Gillespie  

1 Timothy – the first of 3 'pastoral epistles' 

 A title coined many years ago to describe 1 + 2 Timothy and Titus 

There certainly is in them much which has to do with the care of Gods people individually, collectively in families and as a congregation, in the  church. 

Perhaps timely in an age of increasing selfishness and individualism to appreciate afresh our place before the Lord as individuals, as families and as a church. 

The pastoral epistles brim with people self sacrificially serving: 


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