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1 Timothy chapter 6 - Fight Flight and Getting it Right - Discouragement and Distractions in the Christian Life - JS Gillespie  

Thought of the: 

Unique opportunities of the Christian Life 

Unique potential of the Christian Life 

Unique problems of the Christian Life 

Each Christian life is a unique set of 

Open doors 

There is a huge potential for God in the Christian Life!!! 

Not just for the Billy Grahams of this world! 

We are not restricted in our life for Christ not in our service for God by: 

Duplicating the service of others 

nor by 

Duplicating the life of others 


Ability …

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1 Timothy chapter 6 verses 3 to11 - Timothy - The 13th Man of God - JS Gillespie  

Don't get distracted verse 11: 

'but thou O man of God' (v11) 

12 disciples, 1 failed, was removed and was replaced by Matthias in Acts 1:25. 

Men of God – 12 in the OT: 

Moses – a man who gave the law of God (Ezra 3:2; 2 Chron 30:16), who blessed the people of God, in fact he left them with blessing (Deuteronomy 33:1). 
Angel of God appearing to Manoah, whose name is 'Wonderful,' (Judges 13:6,8) – a possible Christophany. 
Unnamed Man of God who brings a prophetic word of judgment and condemnation to Eli (1…

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1 Timothy chapter 6 verses 3 to 6 - The Pursuit of Godliness  

Verse 1: Would it not be better to be free of the yoke? Free to serve as I choose? Free to live as I please? 

Some get irked / burdened and resentful regarding the obligations of service. 

Learning to serve is not a wasted lesson. 

The school of service is not an education wasted. 

The discipline of the yoke leaves it’s mark on the character. 

Take the collar off the dog, the mark can still be seen. 

Nehemiah served Artaxerses, before serving God at Jerusalem 
Joshua was the servant of Moses 
Joseph served…

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1 Timothy chapter 6 vs 1 to 3 - Mystery within a Mystery - JS Gillespie  

The Plot Thickens 

Mystery of Mysteries 

Mystery inside an Enigma 

'I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma' Winston Churchill, Oct 1939. 

vs 1-2 – Encouraging The Ordinary 

vs 3 – Exhorting the Extra Ordinary 

There is a lot in these 3 little unassuming verses 

vs 1-2 – Encouraging The Ordinary 

Here we have a: 

Pattern for service 
Potential of service 

We have a pattern of Christian service in the ordinary Christian life 

To live the Christian…

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1 Timothy chapter 6 vs 1 to 2 - How to Love Difficult People - JS Gillespie  

If the theme of RESPECT resonates through chapter 5 then the theme of RESENTMENT appears as the under current in chapter 6. 

Following on from 1 Timothy chapter 5 – dealing with difficult people we move into chapter 6 – 'Loving Difficult People' 

The unsung heroes of chapter 5 – Widows 

The unsung heroes of chapter 6 – Servants 

Widows – a power house of prayer 

Servants – a power house of testimony 

These servants are experiencing the reality of 'Man's search for meaning,' - Viktor Frankl, 'the last…

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