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1 Timothy chp 1 vs 5 to 11: Pride Prosperity and Purpose of Law - J Stewart Gillespie  

We saw in 1:5 that the 'telos' of the commandment / charge of: 

  1. Paul to Timothy (1:18) 
  2. Timothy to Ephesians (1:3) 
  3. 1 Timothy to us! 

Was 'love

We considered that 'love' amongst its many descriptions, defies definition as part of the essential nature of God, it is the: 

'together glue of perfectness' (Col 3:14) 

With what / to what / to whom does this love bind us in 1 Tim 1:5? 

We note those conditions from which that love proceeds, 'out of': 

  1. Pure heart 
  2. Good Conscience 
  3. Genuine…
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1 Timothy chapter 1 vs 4 to 7 - Love Law and a Long Way from the Truth - J Stewart Gillespie  

Every preacher ought to have a pastoral heart 

1:5 points to what ties together: 

The Lip 
The Life 

The pastoral epistles may not be epistles to pastors, yet they do reveal that every preacher should have a pastors heart. 

  1. The Conclusion of Love – 'the end' : 'telos' : end, conclusion, termination, completion 
  2. The Commandment of Love 
  3. The Condition of Love 


  1. 'pure heart' 
  2. 'good conscience' 
  3. 'faith unfeigned' 

The Conclusion of Love – 'the end' : 'telos' : end, conclusion, termination…

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1 Timothy chp 1 vs 2 to 3 - Timothy The Preparation of a Hero - J Stewart Gillespie  

1 Timothy – the first of 3 'pastoral epistles' 

 A title coined many years ago to describe 1 + 2 Timothy and Titus 

There certainly is in them much which has to do with the care of Gods people individually, collectively in families and as a congregation, in the  church. 

Perhaps timely in an age of increasing selfishness and individualism to appreciate afresh our place before the Lord as individuals, as families and as a church. 

The pastoral epistles brim with people self sacrificially serving: 


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