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Hebrews chapter 2 verses 14 to 18 - Jesus Our Great High Priest  

Think about our Great High Priest 

Why consider this subject in Hebrews? 

The subject in Hebrews, found not just in 1 section in Hebrews but 3: 

2:14-3:1 – The Priest who succours: 'βοηθέω' : 'boetheo' :from 2 Greek words – one meaning to hear and the other meaning to run, He runs on hearing our cry! The responsiveness of our Great High Priest. I believe He is able to meet my need. Do I believe He is willing? Do I cry? 

4:14-5:11 – The Priest who sympathises 

chps 7 to 9 – The Priest who Saves 


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Hebrews chapter 2 verse 5 - Making the Connection with the World to Come - JS Gillespie  

In the exposition of Psalm 8 by the writer to the Hebrews, certain assumptions are made: 

It is the Inspired Word of God: thus when the the world doesn’t match up to the Word, the Word is right and the world is wrong 

The Bible means what it says: allegorising away the clear statements of scripture is not an honest way to deal with the Word of God 

Revelation is progressive; not contradictory, not superseded but added to, becoming clearer over time (2:7,9) 

The full meaning of scripture may not have been…

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Hebrews chapter 2 vs 1 to 4 - How Shall we Escape - JS Gillespie  

If you were to be asked tonight by an unsaved friend : ‘What is salvation?’ what would you say? 

I would tell them that salvation is the work of God in a human life when: 

I turn from my sin 
Place my faith in Jesus Christ 
Depend only on Christ and His finished work at Calvary for my salvation 
God forgives my sin 
He cleans me of my old sin 
Gives me a new and right relationship with Him 
His Word becomes living and real 
He places His Holy Spirit in me 
My conscience becomes alert and energised 
He gives me the…

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