Ephesians chp 4 vs 1 to 12 - Do I need to go to Church? Is Church Necessary? Strength through Unity. - JS Gillespie 

Ephesians presents 3 pictures of the church; the church the Building, a Temple, the church as a Body and the church as a Bride. In each of these 3 pictures of the church, her strength is pictured against the onslaught of persecution, hatred and martyrdom. Our strength goes down deep in Ephesians chapter 2 in the picture of the building or temple into the foundations of God's Word, His truth as revealed by the apostles and prophets, all pointing us to the Lord Jesus. In the picture of the body in Ephesians chapter 4 the strength goes out, in the unity of the body and in Ephesians chapter 5 with the picture of the Bride our strength looks up, it is our relationship with Christ. If ever our relationship with the foundations, or with one another or with Christ is weakened, this spells disaster for the church. We consider questions such as; is the church essential? Do I need to go to church? Why does God do church? The church is an inevitable extension of the character of God; of His unity and triumph over sin, Satan and the world. 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie