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1 Corinthians Chapter 6 vs 9 to 20 – A Holiness too Big for Heaven - JS Gillespie  

The Corinthians were not consistent in very much 

At least they were consistent in one thing; their failure to judge! 

To judge: 

Moral problems (chp 5) 
Material problems (chp 6) 
Marital problems (chp 7) 
Spiritual problems in the meeting  (chp 10ff) 

Why was this?  We're they: 

Doctrinally confused?  (cf Rom 6:1ff) 
Morally compromised?  (1 Co 6) 
Spiritually corrupted?  (1 Co10) 
Socially constrained?  -  the multicultural and inclusive society of 1 Corinthians chp 1 to stay together had to be permissive. 

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