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1 Corinthians Chapter 6 vs 16 and 17: “One Body, One Flesh, One Spirit”  

3 sections in 1 Corinthians: 

3 Reasons for Righteousness: 

Fellowship with one another (6:1-8) 
Citizenship in the Kingdom (6:9-11) 
Relationship with God (6:12-20) 

In verse 13 Paul uses the false slogan of the Corinthians to: 

Dispel error 
Deduce the truth 

Dispel error 

The error that we can deduce purpose by knowing function 

We don't start with function and work out purpose 

We must start with purpose – with the Lordship of Christ and from this bring all function into subjection to Him. 

Under control…

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1 Corinthians Chapter 6 vs 9 to 20 – A Holiness too Big for Heaven - JS Gillespie  

The Corinthians were not consistent in very much 

At least they were consistent in one thing; their failure to judge! 

To judge: 

Moral problems (chp 5) 
Material problems (chp 6) 
Marital problems (chp 7) 
Spiritual problems in the meeting  (chp 10ff) 

Why was this?  We're they: 

Doctrinally confused?  (cf Rom 6:1ff) 
Morally compromised?  (1 Co 6) 
Spiritually corrupted?  (1 Co10) 
Socially constrained?  -  the multicultural and inclusive society of 1 Corinthians chp 1 to stay together had to be permissive. 

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