From the recording 1 Peter

A bible teaching message preached in our systematic series of studies in the epistle of 1 Peter. Listen to these sermons preached from 1 Peter online or download our free mp3 audio files as we study through 1 Peter chapter by chapter and verse by verse.
Yours by Grace in Christ
Dr J Stewart Gillespie
What is the purpose of suffering in the life of the Christian?
Does pain, suffering, disappointment, death, persecution and catastrophe have any meaning for the Christian?
Are the problems of life accidental?
Is God in control when things go wrong? In fact where is God when things go wrong?
In this message we examine these questions and others. We search for the key that unlocks the deep mysteries behind the meaning and purpose of suffering in the life of the Christian, and see that God alone is able to make sense of our suffering, to order and ordain the tragedies of life. We examine in particular the area of loss and the death of a child. Can there be meaning or purpose in the loss of a child? Where is God when the innocent die?