From the recording Gospel 2020

Our catastrophies may catch us unexpectedly, our life crashing down round about us; as we stand perplexed and confused and grasping for a straw to hold onto instead of resting in faith in the God of the impenetrable and impossible. The death of their brother tested Mary and Martha to the limit! In times of trial, testing and turmoil in our lives does God really care? Where is Jesus when I need Him? Why am I facing the overwhelming tide of tragedy alone. In John chapter 11, Mary and Martha had to learn that they were not the focus nor the centre of Divine purpose; Jesus was. The death of Lazarus was no accident, no oversight and no one prevented the omnipotent Jesus from attending. This death was for the Glory of God! It would have been on a par with much else that the Saviour had demonstrated to merely restore Lazarus from sickness but here in John 11, the Lord Jesus will demonstrate His power not simply to evade the grave but for those who die "in Jesus" to gloriously exit the grave at His command.
A gospel message from John chapter 11, brought to you by God's Grace in Christ, Dr J Stewart Gillespie.