From the recording Gospel 2019

The offer of a well of water springing up into life eternal may have seemed obscure and impenetrable to the mind of the spiritually dead Samaritan woman at the well, but nonetheless in a dry barren landscape of personal disappointment, broken relationships and spiritual thirst, Jesus was the best one, in fact the only one able to satisfy that deep spiritual thirst of her soul. First of all of course this Samaritan woman had to know that she was thirsty, and so the Lord Jesus has to begin, where the gospel message begins by showing this woman where she is; lost, broken and empty; a sinner in a sinning world. Jesus will touch her heart before He fills it! He knows her need and only Jesus can meet that need.
A gospel sermon preached from John chapter 4; Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well.
Yours by Grace in Christ
Dr J Stewart Gillespie