From the recording 1 Timothy

The apostle Paul, unique amongst the apostles of Jesus Christ, first encountered the Lord Jesus, risen and glorified. Paul's encounter of Jesus, was not as a babe in a manger, nor a child in the temple, nor the teacher of Galilee, nor even the Christ of the cross. The first glimpse of Jesus was a glimpse of glory on the road to Damascus. It was the answer to this great Pharisees question "who are you Lord?" that changed not only the life of Saul of Tarsus but the history of the Western world and the destiny of millions. The God who shone the light from heaven, above the brightness of the noon day sun was the "Jesus whom you persecute" ! Pauls first encounter with Jesus was as the risen glorified Lord. For Paul, this great title of "God our Saviour" had a very personal meaning.
A message preached as part of our bible teaching ministry series in 1 Timothy
Yours by Grace in Christ
Stewart Gillespie