From the recording 1 Timothy

Free to download bible teaching audio message from 1 Timothy chapter 1 - part of our series of systematic bible expository messaged from Paul's first letter to Timothy.
We consider the themes of the role, meaning and significance of the Old Testament mosaic law for the New Testament Christian. What is the purpose of the law for the Christian? We consider how the law convicts of sin, brings us to an appreciation of the problem of sin, defines the nature of sin, detects the presence of sin in the human heart, brings a knowledge of the judgment and damnation of sin, leads us to despair regarding our sin (Romans 7) before bringing us by type, picture, parallel and prophecy to the deliverance from sin in the person of Jesus Christ.

A message from our series of bible studies in 1 Timothy, free to download as an audio message.
Yours by God's Grace in Christ
J Stewart Gillespie