Ephesians chp 3 vs 1 to 2 - Man's Search for Meaning Seeing the Plan beyond the Prison Bars - JS Gillespie {02/03/24} 

Ephesians chapter 3 describes Paul's imprisonment but not simply from the human perspective! Paul sees the plan and purpose of God in his prison cell! He is the prisoner of Jesus Christ. Through the prison and the pain God's church is being build, souls saved from Caesar's household, Christians emboldened in the Gospel and 5 prison epistels written, subsequently shared to over 9 billion souls! Paul chose how we would see and respond in these difficult circumstances. Paul's joy lay in playing his part in the dispensation of the Grace of God, one of 7 dispensations in the Bible : the dispensations of innocence, conscience, law, grace, tribulation, millenial reign and eternal state. God has His plan for Paul, for the whole world and for you.
Dr J Stewart Gillespie