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'I Never met Him but He died for Me' - John chp 3 vs 16 - Jonathan Black  

Mr Jonathan Black of Bicester preaches the good news of Jesus who not only has the answer but the Jesus who IS the answer. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is condensed and compacted into a single verse as the Lord Jesus explains to Nicodemus his need of a Saviour, the forgiveness of his sins and the radical transformation that a soul needs to enter into heaven. In John chapter 3 and verse 16, we can discern:

  1. A Bad World that God Loves
  2. A Begotten Son God gives 
  3. A Belief in Him that is vital 
  4. A Blessing that is eternal 

Great Gospel Verses - For God so Loved the World - John chapter 3 verse 16 - JS Gillespie - 30012022  


The way to heaven and the path to knowing God runs as a golden thread from Genesis to Revelation. Some verses in the bible encapsulate these great truths in a more condensed form than others. Perhaps supreme amongst all of these great gospel verses is John chapter 3 verse 16:

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

At the outset this verse leaves me alone with God, as ultimately I will be. All of my life, willingly or reluctantly I live with the assumption that God has created me, even if my reasoning leads me down paths of atheism, doubt or rejection of God; I still assume that the mind I possess is capable not only of drawing conclusions but of reaching truth, correct and reliable answers. In reality I have no basis for such a belief unless the mind I possess has been designed with truth in mind, quality controlled and 'fact checked.' A randomly arranged brain constructed from cosmic gunge would hardly be a reliable source of truth!

John 3:16 gives me not only the way of salvation; that by way of faith in the person of Jesus Christ but this great bible verse provides me with the reason for God's plan of salvation; "for God so loved the world." The reason for the desire of God to save men, to send Jesus and to provide a cross and a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins lies in the unfathomable love of God towards us. Herein is an irresistible tide of Divine love lapping on the shores of human experience against which no evil of man nor malice of Satan can overcome. This is the love that brings Jesus, the source, substance and certainty of God's plan of salvation. The gospel is 'good news' both 'good' and 'new'. Jesus however is 'good Master,' 'good' but not new! He is the eternal Son of God. Get a glimpse of the sacrifice of God's Son for the sinner, believe in Him for salvation and grasp the certainty that salvation has in Him. It is the person of Jesus Christ we glimpse and grasp through hundreds of Old Testament prophecies, pictures and pointers. 

John 3:16 ultimately leaves us with a decision; a decision that determines destiny; "that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Yours by God's Grace in Christ 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie