2 Timothy chapter 1 – Grasping the Grace – Stand up Straight with Yours Shoulders Back - J Stewart Gillespie 

2 Timothy chapter 1 – Grasping the Grace – Stand up Straight with Yours Shoulders Back - J Stewart Gillespie

2 Timothy is quite different in tone and subject form 1 Timothy 

In 1 Timothy the spotlight is on Christ 

In 2 Timothy the spotlight is on Timothy 


In 1 Timothy – How much of Christ have you grasped? 

In 2 Timothy – How much of you has Christ grasped? 


In 1 Timothy have you got the message? 

In 2 Timothy has the message got you? 


1 Timothy – speaks primarily of my relationship with Jesus Christ 

What I enjoy of Him 

2 Timothy – speaks primarily of the reality of that relationship with Jesus Christ


An outline of 1 Timothy: 

chapter 1 – Sin and a Saviour 
chapter 2 – Sacrifice and a Saviour 
chapter 3 – Sanctuary 
chapter 4 – Service – secret 
chapter 5 – Service – sacred 
chapter 6 – Service – secular 

Is there a page missing between 1 and 2 Timothy? Is there a picture missing? A picture of Timothy's graduation? 

We move from the relationship of 1 Timothy to reality of the results of that relationship in the life of Timothy. 

The key verse in 1 Timothy is 1 Timothy 3:16 : 

'And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.' 

contrast this with the key verse in 2 Timothy: 3:17 

'That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.' 

2 Timothy: 

chapter 1 - The Past – The Gifts he possesses 

chapter 2 – The Present – The Grace, The Goal, The Gain 

chapter 3 – The Future – The man of God 

chapter 4 – The Eternal – The Glory 


Chapter 1: The Gift 

Timothy received a gift, as every believer receives a gift 

Timothy received a package, which we have all received as believers; a fabric carefully woven together, a picture composed, a package produced by the Spirit of God. Timothy did not get to choose the content of that package. It may well have been that he was not too struck on the content of that package! Here was a package: 

  • By Design 
  • For Destiny 

Crafted particularly and specifically for Timothy's destiny 

He may compare himself with others and feel that his gifts / package is not as attractive / powerful or appealing as others but that package / gift is particular to Timothy for the purpose to which he is called (1:9). 

That package consists of: 

Spiritual pedigree (1:5) 

Paternal by spiritual adoption (1:2) 

Maternal by genealogy (1:5) 

God places His beloved into their families – ordered and ordained. 


Spiritual Gift 

It may well be that Timothy was less than comfortable / enthusiastic about his gift. 

Less than CONFIDENT (1:7; 2:1) 

These were the very gifts he would need at Ephesus: 

Teaching the Word of God (2:2; 15ff; 4:2ff) 

The Spirit of God (1:7) 

The Spirit of: 

  • Power – for adversity (1:8) 
  • Love – for the people of God 
  • Sound mind – to handle the Word of God 


Personal salvation 

Divine Purpose 

This is Gods purpose for Timothy 

This purpose was a 'gift' (v9)'in Christ Jesus before the world began' (v9). 

Timothy had to step up to the mark to fulfil that destiny! 

We don't get to avoid consequences, we get to choose wither or not to use our gift but not wither or not there will be consequences. 

There are consequences in blessing, opposition and reward in using our gift. 

There are consequences of loss of reward, disgrace and the mindset of failure and inferiority if we don't use our gift. 

We don't get to choose the content of that package! 

We do get to choose wither or not to use it! 

We don't get to choose wither or not we are accountable for the gift. 

cf. the parable of the talents. 

Interestingly chapter 1 ends with the issue of accountability – though be it in the life of Onesiphorus. 

We can chose to be: 

Fearful (1:7) 
Ashamed (1:8) 
Avoid the fight / race (2:1) 

or to be: 

Bold and strong as a soldier, farmer, athlete or student. 

We can't decide wither we will experience consequences 

We can decide which consequences we will experience 

The Past / The Gifts: 

A spiritual heritage / Pedigree 

That sense of overarching / all pervading PURPOSE 

v1 'by the will of God' 

is evident in the life of Paul 

is evident in the thinking of Paul 

but equally in the life of Timothy 

'according to His own purpose and grace which He has given us in Christ Jesus' (1:9) 

A sense of purpose / understanding of destiny is fundamental to life 


2 Tim 4:17 – Paul puts it into practice 

In Paul: 'whom I serve from my forefathers' (1:3) 

In what sense? 

Not a king from a long line from Judah 
Not a priest from a long line through Levi 
Not from a long line of Apostles 
Not even from a long of Christians – even they were pretty new! 

This is quite an important point! We observe here the connection between the old and New Testaments, the continuity between the two. There is a consistent spiritual narrative which runs through the whole Bible. 

This is one great story of which Paul is a part. 


Abraham he left his people behind and went out in search of another people and greater inheritance (Hebrews 11:10) 
Paul brought to fruition the promises made to Abraham 'in thee, that is in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed' Paul brought the promise of justification by faith, the message of the gospel in Jesus Christ to the 'nations of the earth.' 
Paul preached the truth of Isaiah 53:11 – justification by faith 
Paul continues in the line of the justified (cg Romans chp 4) – Abraham justified positively (Romans chapter 4) and David justified negatively (Psalm 32:1ff; Psalm 4:6-8). 
Jonah and his mission to the gentiles 
Prophecies of Daniel consider 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 

There remains a continuity of: 


In the call of Paul there is continuity: 

Abraham Abraham 
Jacob Jacob 
Moses Moses 
Samuel Samuel 
Saul Saul

Notes from our systematic bible teaching series of studies in 2 Timothy.