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2 Corinthians chp8 vs 9 to 15 - The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ - Grace Sufficient - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

The Grace of God (8:1-8) – Sovereign Grace 
The Grace of Christ (8:9-15) – Sufficient Grace 
The Grace of Christian Love (8:16-24) 

Paul begins this chapter with the slightly impersonal: 

Grace of God (vs 1 to 8) 

A Grace Sovereign over the trials of life 

A Grace which orders and ordains the experiences of life including trials and testings and sufferings 

This is transforming Grace 

This is sovereign Grace 

This Grace transforms: 

affliction → joy 
poverty → riches 

Grace sufficient to transform: 

The battle…

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2 Corinthians chapter 7 - Surprised by Joy - Dr J Stewart Gillespie  

Sorrowing into Gods Wonderful Joy 

There is a bitter sweet sorrow which is the gateway into the joy of the Lord. 

This is the door opened by sorrow! 

Through this door the widow of Zarephath entered carrying her dead son 
The thief passed from death to life, the condemnation of the cross to the justification of Christ 
The door which separated the sorrow of broken hearts from the joy of broken bread in the home at Emmaus 
The door into the upper room which separated for ever the doubts of Thomas' unbelief and…

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2 Corinthians chapter 6 - The Proving of the Servant of God - J Stewart Gillespie  

2 Corinthians chapter 6 in some ways is Pauls Mt Carmel experience – the proving of the servant of God! 

Criticism abounded of the apostle 

Some looked at a life, lived wholly to the Glory of God; a life of sacrifice, a life which put into practice the ministry of Romans 12:1; ‘I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God which is your logical service...’ 

This was the teaching of Paul 

This was the practice of Paul 


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2 Corinthians chp 2 vs 14 to 17: 'Fragrance from the Flame' - J Stewart Gillespie  

3 Description of the Christian revealing Christ: 


Sweet Savour of Christ (2:15) 

'savour of His knowledge' (2:14) 


Living Letter (3:2-3) 

'known and read of all men' 


Earthen Vessel (4:7) 

'light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ' 


3 descriptions of the Christian as: 

knowing God 
revealing that knowledge of God to others 

The setting of 2:14-17 is that of suffering and persecution 

The whole epistle could be regarded as an exposition of 2 Co 1:3: 


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2 Corinthians chp 2 vs 1 to 13: 'The Sorrow of Joy' - J Stewart Gillespie 

An interlude in an epistle of suffering 

The subject of 'joy' 

This is joy restored by repentance 

The endurance of Gods gracious discipline in the life of His people is given not to crush or destroy but to restore joy! 

Sin is separation 
Separation is from God 
God is the source of all true joy 

Psa 16:11 'Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.' 

The gracious discipline of the Father for His people may for a season bring…

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2 Corinthians chp 4 vs 2: 'Hidden things of Dishonesty' - J Stewart Gillespie 

'Hidden things of dishonesty' 

Adam and Eve hid their disobedience in the garden and their embarrassment under fig leaves. 
Cain hid his guilt in an evasive answer: 'Am I my brothers keeper' 
Joseph's brothers hid their guilt in a blood stand coat from Jacob 
Rachael hid her gods in the camels saddle 
Moses hid the body of the Egyptian in the sand 
Achan hid the gold, silver and Babylonian garments in his tent (Joshua 7) 
The unfaithful steward hid his talents in the ground. Why? To keep them safe? We can't be…

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2 Corinthians chp 3 : 'Living Letters' - J Stewart Gillespie  

'Living Letters' 

Surely one of the strangest descriptions of Christians? 

Many titles given to Christians in the NT: 

My sheep – John 10 
Little children – John 
Flock of God – Peter 
Saints Christians 
Followers of that way 

But here – living letters! 

Wherever I go – this letter is taken! 

This is not the kind of evangelism that places emphasis on bringing people to places, meetings or events but rather the kind of evangelism that recognises that God sends His messengers to the lost, and those messengers are…

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