1 Timothy chapter 4 vs 6 to 10 - The Making of a Minister - JS Gillespie 

Timothy had a lot on his plate: 

  • Doctrinal problems (chp 1) 
  • Jewish Mysticism (chp 1) 
  • Moral Problems (chp 1 + 4) 
  • Ecclesiastical Problems (chps 2+3) 

Some of the false teachers have been feeding the Christians with a very unbalanced diet of: 

  • Marriage (v3) 
  • Meats (v3) 
  • Mysticism (v7) 

They were attempting to find spiritual satisfaction through: 

  • Relationships 
  • Rules 
  • Religious stories 

This was  long way away from reality 

Timothy's ministry is to overcome with the fruit of the sanctuary: 

The lamp 
The loaf 
The altar 

Timothy will come with grace: 

“put the brethren in remembrance” (v6) 

These are his 'brethren' in spite of all of there problems 

Notice how Timothy is so different from the hypocrites of 4:2; with their character of: 


(cf. Matthew 23) 

Timothy is of equal standing 'brother' (v6) – not about ego 
He is not inspired status, happy to be a 'servant' 
Not about his reputation but rather it is about 'Jesus Christ'. Timothy is ministering on behalf of Jesus Christ, any blessing that arises is credited to the Lord Jesus. 
Ever before Timothy opens his mouth, there is the character of the servant. 
You immediately take to Timothy! 

Consider his grace as he puts the 'brethren in remembrance' 

'can I remind you...' 

how different from 

'let me tell you' 

'faith' (v6) – the personal and experiential 

'good doctrine' (v6) – the factual and objective 

Timothy came with: 

Trust – Faith (v6) 
Truth – doctrine (v6, v12-16) 
Testimony – godliness (v12,16) 

As Timothy ministers at Ephesus, he does so in the warmth of his relationship with Jesus Christ 

v10 'the Saviour of all men' 

Timothy's service for Christ: 

Example (v12) 

The first mentioned 

The first priority 

To live out the reality of what we profess to teach 

We can not run a double life, it won't work. 

Timothy is to be an 'example in: 

  • 'word' – Like Josiah 
  • 'manner of life' – like Samuel 
  • 'love' – like Ruth 
  • Spirit – like Daniel – in whom is the 'spirit of the great gods' 
  • 'faith' – like David 
  • 'purity' – like Joseph 

Here are young men and women who earned the right to be heard. 

Young men and women who justified the confidence others had in them. 


The enjoyment of scripture (v15) 

“Meditate upon these things” 

Think on the scriptures 

Let them fill our mind and heart 

Think about text of scripture 

Connections are made 

Rev 10:10 – ate the scroll 

1 Peter 2:2 – 'desire the sincere milk of the word...' 

Gen 24:63 – Isaac meditating in the field at eventide 

Joshua 1:8 

Psalm 119:15, 23, 48, 78, 148 

Exposition (v13) 


The scriptures are interesting! 

The scriptures are full of Christ! 

So much to enjoy, explore, expound and experience. 

They are full of Christ; He is: 

The Creator of Genesis 1 
The tree of life Genesis 2 
Seed of the woman Genesis 3 
The Ark of Noah pitched within and without with 'kapar' 
Subject and fulfilment of the Abrahamic covenant 
Son on Mt Moriah 
The second man like Jacob (Gen 25) 
The pillar and ground of the truth (Gen 28) 
He is Benoni and Benjamin 
He is the subject of Joseph's dream 
He is the fulfilment of Joseph's type 
He is the 'I AM' of the burning bush 
The redeemer of Israel 
The passover lamb 
The manna from heaven 
The rock that followed them 
The victory in the Valley of the Oak Tree 
The living redeemer of Job 
The Son of Man of Daniel 

It is all about Christ 

Exhortation (v13)


Outline notes from a Bible teaching message in our series of systematic bible studies in 1 Timothy chapter 4, available for free audio download or to listen online,  

Yours by God's grace in Christ  

Dr J Stewart Gillespie