1 Timothy chapter 4 verse 2 - The Making of a Hypocrite - JS Gillespie  

'speaking lies in hypocrisy' (vs2) 

One word which caught my attention 


One word and yet it is a word for the day that we live in 

The word for the actor in Greek 

The man behind the mask 

A man who pretended to be what he was not 

This is a word for today! 

Virtual reality 
Social media 
Status symbols 

Hypocrisy is a characteristic which ought to be completely absent from the Christian not only because it's not nice but because it is absent from Christ! 

Christ was exactly what he seemed to be 1 Peter 2:22 “neither was guile found in his mouth” 

Revelation 14:5 the redeemed 144,000; “in there mouth was found no guile” 

We may not fully understand what he is but we are assured that he never misled nor pretended to be what he was not. 

He is what he said he was, consistent with word of God, he was what the word of God said he was 

“Search the scriptures in them ye think ye have eternal life and these are they which testify of me” 

He is what the scripture said he was. 

He is what the father said he was “the father himself which has sent me hath borne witness of me” John 5:37 and John 8:18 

He is what the disciples said he was 1 John 1:2 

He was tried by the high priest 

He was cross examined by pilot 

Tested by Satan 

Never anything revealed inconsistent with his claims, the claims of scripture 

100% authentic 

I find no fault in this man 

This is my beloved son 

The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me 

Surely this was a righteous man 

He was under constant scrutiny: 

The beginning of his ministry - Satan and the spirit of God 

During his ministry men and the Father 

End of his ministry priest's Pilate and Satan 

His Resurrection the spirit 

Antidote to hypocrisy 

Christlike consistency 
To be consistent like Christ 

Godliness - the reflection of the Sanctuary 

Reflection of the Divine character from relationship with God 

Hypocrisy is not just hypocrisy of particular words and particular actions 

Hypocrisy emanates from a conscience corrupted 

Hypocrisy becomes a way of life 1 Timothy 4:2 

Read the way the Lord deals with the Pharisees 


'Hypocrites' -  not just the Pharisees guilty occasionally of a bit of hypocrisy but the term became interchangeable with their name 

Hypocrisy is exceedingly powerful it takes over the whole person and character 

We need to be free from the shackles of hypocrisy 

There needs to be the stability and consistency of the Christian Life 

At home 
In a street 
In our community 
As a neighbour 
At work 

One of the great challenges which Timothy has to face at Ephesus is that of hypocrisy. 

Cause of Hypocrisy 
Character of the Hypocrite 
Consequences of Hypocrisy 

The Cause of Hypocrisy: 

Demonic – something to cover up to hide 
Divine – something to cover up to hide from 

Inspired by the demonic 1 Timothy 4:1 

Hypocrisy finds its origins in the depths of Hell in the nature of Evil 

First time we come across hypocrisy, the first encounter with the art of hypocrisy is in Genesis chapter 3. 

Recall when Satan appeared to Adam and Eve in the garden: 

As a roaring lion to devour  them? 
As a terrifying dragon, dangerous and deadly? 


He appeared as something quite ordinary something expected tree serpent I appreciate that The Serpent has had a lot of bad press since then!! 

But he was not out of place on the tree. 

Satan was playing a part, as a character actor. 

This is the essence of hypocrisy. 

Not everything was as it seemed. 

He was hiding guile 
Adam would hide guilt 

Guile or Guilt - Something to hide 

The Character of the hypocrite 

Self-serving bias maintain own high view of self even when we know that something is wrong 

Matthew chapter 23: 

Ego  23:11-12 

What I think of myself 

Reputation 23:5-7 

I want everyone else to have as high a view of me as I do. 

Status 23:7-11 

Seal that elevated opinion with a title, formalise that reputation, enshrine it in 'Rabbi' or 'Master'! 

Values 23:14-22 

A corrupted sense of values 

The material before the spiritual 

Temporal before the eternal 

Consequences of hypocrisy 

Fear - John chapter 11 

The fear of being exposed

Outline notes from our series of Bible teaching messages in 1 Timothy, available for free audio download or to listen online,  

Yours by God's grace in Christ  

Dr J Stewart Gillespie