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From the Church in New Cumnock 

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Ephesians- our latest bible teaching series

Ephesians chapter 1 verse 7 - Redemption - JS Gillespie  

The theme of Redemption runs through the whole of the bible. In Leviticus chapter 25 people, places, possessions and property could be redeemed, Generally in the Old Testament redemption came by money or by silver and occasionally, by blood. Redemption teaches the truths of ransom, release and relationship. These truths we see worked out in the bible stories of Rebekah in Genesis chapter 24, Ruth and the nation of Israel in Exodus chapter 12. In the New Testament, redemption has a powerful message for us as believers, freedom from sin and judgment is purchased at an unestimable cost to secure my release into a glorious relationship with Christ, like Ruth and like Rebekah that redemption has bought for Christ a bride, ransomed, released and now in an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dr J Stewart Gillespie

From the church in New Cumnock @ Bridgend Gospel Hall