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Ephesians- our latest bible teaching series

The Greatest Journey you Take begins on your Knees - Ephesians chp 3 vs 14 to 21 - JS Gillespie  

Literature and history is replete with great journeys and stories of adventure; twenty thousand leagues under the sea, around the world in 80 days or Star Wars in a galaxy far far away! The greatest journey you and I can make is teh journey into the place, presence and person of God! This is a way opened up by the Lord Jesus. In response to your prayerful need, God strengthens us according not to our weakness but according to His Glor, and for His Glory! That love demonstrated deepens my affection and surrender to Christ. From being resident Christ becomes president of my life! God desires that total surrender to Him, the filling of the Christian with all of the fullness of God and a life loved for His Glory. All of this is pictured in the Ark of the Covenant and mercy seat of Exodus chapter 25. 

Dr J Stewart Gillespie Bridgend Gospel Hall 

Church in New Cumnock 

From the church in New Cumnock @ Bridgend Gospel Hall