I see the Cross - Philippians chapter 2 vs 8 - JS Gillespie 

God is the master of tethering together 

In each of the spheres of human experience, God holds together. 

“by Him all things consist” (Col 1:17) 

Consist: 4921: ‘συνίστημι’: set together 

In the sphere of the: 

Universe – gravity 
Atom – electrostatic forces, nuclear forces 
Biology – ICAMs 
Relationship – love – the perfecting bond of unity; ‘together glue of perfection’ (Col 3:14) 

So too the word of God, not multiple tiny disconnected, incoherent pieces, but one consistent story from beginning to end, held together, tethered together consistently and coherently. 

That one great theme is of course Christ; John 5:39; Luke 24:27; 1 Peter 1:11. 

As seeing the whole of the word of God as tethered together in Christ I not only mean that passing reference is given to who He is but that we can get down to specifics and find His person and work right the way through these pages. 

The Cross of Christ is one of these great tethers: 

I see the cross : 

Genesis – Victory over the Fall 
Exodus - Victory over the World 
Leviticus - Victory over Sin 
Numbers - Victory over the Serpent 
Joshua - Victory over our Enemies 
Judges - Victory over Self 
1 Samuel - Victory over Satan 

We have here a further thread tieing the scriptures together in Christ; ‘the name of Jesus.’ 

Not only is Jesus above all but His name is above every name and not only is the name of Jesus above every name but the name that He has been given is above every name. 

It is interesting that through the pages of the word of God, God gives names. 

Look back through the pages of the word of God, those names given and His name given is above all of those names. 

God gives names. 

God directly names 8 people 

God renames 8 people: 

Named by God 

Renamed by God 

Adam (Gen 5:2) 

Abraham (Gen 17:5) 

Isaac (Gen 17:19) 

Sarah (Gen 17:5) 

Ishmael (Gen 16:11) 

Israel (Gen 32:28) 

Maher Shalal Hash Baz 

Jedidiah (2 Sam 12:24-25) 

Jezreel (Hos 1:4) 

Magor Missubib (Jer 20:3) 

Lorahamah (Hos1:9) 

Peter (Matt 16:18) 

Loammi (Hos1:9) 

James + John Boanerges (Mark 3:17) 

John (Luke 1:18) 

John (Luke 1:13) 

His name is above all of the names given: 

Abraham – father of the multitude 

Jesus is the “Father of eternity” (Isa 9:6) 
Only because of the promised seed can Abraham become the father of an offspring as the stars of sky innumerable. 

Israel – Prince with God 

Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords 

Jedidiah – Beloved of Jehovah 

“This is my beloved son” 

Peter – stone 

Christ is the “foundation stone” 
“that rock was Christ” 

John – God is gracious 

“law came by Moses but Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ” 

James and John Boanerges – sons of thunder 

Thunder 12 X in NT, 10 of those mentions are in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is from His throne that there proceeds the thundering (Rev 14:5; 16:18) – He is the source of the thundering. 

Above all of these new names given this name is above them all: “Jesus”. 

All will worship Him (v10) in heaven, in earth and under the earth cf (Ex 20:4) 

All worship Christ. 

This is only legitimate of course of Jesus is God (Ex 20:4)!