The Summer is Past The Harvest is Ended - JS Gillespie 

Jeremiah reflects with bitter regret a long summer of opportunity, missed and ultimately unproductive. God had laid the foundation for fruitfulness then as He has now in our lives. The plan of salvation has been laid out, the Person of His Son Jesus Christ has been given and the great provision for salvation has been made. Time and opportunity have been ours, every breath and every heart beat designed to preserve us in Divine Grace to know the God who created us. 

A lot can happen between the sowing of the seed in spring and the first shoots of life in summer, ever before a fruitful autumn harvest! Seed can fall by the wayside to be quickly snatched away by the wicked one, enthusiasm without depth and substance can produce a transient flourish which does not endure. The suffocating distractions of this world, its financial prosperity, pleasures and pressing demands can ultimately choke the spiritual life from a soul,, rendering it unfruitful. 

Jeremiah takes the question fruitfulness and opportunity and applies it personally with a catastrophic conclusion; "we are not saved." The bible is no mere philosophical musing on the nature of God and man. The message of sin, judgment and destiny is to be taken and applied personally to our hearts. Do we know Christ as Lord and Saviour or have we utterly missed the opportunity. 

A message recorded at the Bridgend Gospel Hall, New Cumnock and preached by J Stewart Gillespie