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Romans chp 6 vs 2 - Dead to Sin - Beginning with an End - J Stewart Gillespie  

There is no doubt that 'death' brings an end, a closure to matters! 

It is possible to miss the simple message of Romans 6, to get away from the simplicity and clarity of it! 

The Christian life begins with a conversion – an end to the old and a beginning of the new! 

There would hardly be a more clear cut, a more dramatic way of putting it: black and white, right and wrong, life and death! 

This is an absolute! 

We may go on a course, an Alpha Course and answer the questions but if there is no conversion…

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Romans Chp 6 Vs 1 to 14; 2 Kings 4: 'Alive to God' - J Stewart Gillespie  

“shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” (6:1) 


This might seem a bizarre idea, a strange suggestion 

At times grace shields from our horizon the full consequences of our sin 

God remains a Holy and Righteous God – He has not changed 

It is possible however for this kind of idea to creep into our thinking 

Am I trading on Gods Grace? 


Would my behaviour change if: 


If I thought that my lie / deception would be dealt with the same way as Ananias Saphira's was? (Acts 5) 2 believers lie to the…

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