Fake Worship False Starts and Final Joy - JS Gillespie - 19122021 


Fake worship, false starts and failed priests; there was a whole lot of background noise around the birth of Jesus. You might have thought that everyone would have taken Jesus seriously; after all it isn't every day that the God who made you and the God who will judge you communicates with you. Instead of a rapturous reception, Jesus is met by wise men who took the wrong turning, priests who weren't that interested and a king who wanted rid of Him! Matthew is clear as to why we need Him. Jesus is God; conceived by the Spirit of God, declared by the heavens and prophesied for millenia. He may even be the God you have been running away from!

Afraid to hear from Him! 

Afraid to face Him!

Yet here in Matthew chapter 1 that same God is the only one able to save you! God's saving work is by a person: Jesus "for He shall save His people from their sins."

When we finally find Him there is eternal and enduring Joy.